To me, Dr. Patricia Uribe, the importance of a smile, good masticatory function and a healthy mouth does not only mean doing ‘a good job’ but knowing that my work has a mission with an end goal, to restore equality and values of life.

I consider oral rehabilitation, including aesthetics and Implantology, much more than just "making teeth”. My profession and my dedication for my job are my tool to emulate nature by creating shapes and colors that improve self-esteem, restore function and aesthetics, things that were once part of a person’s identity that have been lost over time.

For this reason, I believe that my experience and professional knowledge can be a pathway to restore confidence to my patients, taking into account that not only aesthetics are important, but also oral function and comfortable chewing.

I make my skills and passion for my work available to all my patients to improve their quality of life.

Dentistry is the combination of biology, art, mechanics and science. My mission as a KOL specialist dentist in oral Implantology and dental aesthetics is to be at the forefront of the profession by using cutting edge technology, applying the best protocols, using the highest quality materials and choosing predictable treatments which are developed by me in the short-term and have stability in the long-term.

I founded THE BEAUTY SMILE Dental Center in 1994, and since then I have dedicated my practice to performing specialized comprehensive dentistry with personalized attention on a high professional level.

The objective of my team is to offer comprehensive dental care to our patients, from cosmetic planning to full mouth restoration (with or without dental implants) through treatments that are as comfortable as possible and guaranteed, all performed in a pleasant atmosphere and with the contagious kindness of all our team members.


PRF: The fibrin of the PRF is organized as a network that supports platelets and leukocytes. These will provide growth factors by gradually accelerating the healing of the bones and connective tissue.

Laser: This type of laser has numerous applications, preferably used to perform surgical interventions on soft tissues as long as they do not involve excessive bleeding. In Endodontics, Implantology and Periodontics is used for its important bactericidal effect.

Veneers and lamellae: Beautiful and Natural Ceramics, Polymeric and in Lithium Disilicate

Dental Crowns and bridge: With crowns and bridges we can change and improve the way you bite and also the appearance of your teeth and smile

Orthodontics:Invisible orthodontics: in this technique, we use invisible braces, which are placed behind the teeth, no one will notice that you are using them.

Orthodontics Visible: depending on the type of braces used, the treatment time varies. These braces can be ceramic or metallic

Periodontics: You can have a beautiful smile, but without knowing, you could be losing periodontal insertion, that is, the bone that supports your teeth. This gum disease is usually asymptomatic and silent.

Oral Surgery: Dental implants osseointegrated, Surgical removal of periapical lesions, Extraction of molars.

Endodontics: root canal treatment. This treatment is very successful and generally for life

Prosthodontics: We do the total reconstruction of your mouth with a highly qualified team of rehabilitators.
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Hygiene and control: At The Beauty Smile, we will help you maintain your oral health, offering deep cleansing, clinical and radiographic review of your teeths.

Bleaching: We want you to dazzle with a beautiful smile.

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Scientific Associations

  • Honorable Board Member of Editorial de EC Dental Science
  • Founder and Board Director Member of SIODE, Salón Internacional de Odontología Estética y Digital
  • Founder and Board Director Member of ACOED, Asociación Colombiana de Odontología Estética y Digital
  • Board Member of Asociación Colombiana de Prostodoncia, ACP 2007 - 2015
  • Board Member of Academia Colombiana de Oseointregración, ACO 2004 - 2013
  • International Member of American College of Prosthodontists, ACP, USA
  • Active Member of Asociación Colombiana de Prostodoncia, ACP
  • Honorary Member of WANA, Worldwide Association of Notable Alumni
  • Ambassador ICOI, Congress of Oral Implantologists for Colombia since 2010
  • Founder and Director of Curso Intensivo Internacional de Implantología Oral, Since 2005 to date, XVII Version (2018)
  • Founder of Centro Iberoamericano de Altos Estudios Odontológicos, CIAEO, Colombia 2015


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